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LHT –for extra care and attention

At LHT we go the extra mile to understand our customer’s business and their own individual pressures and demands. So we fully appreciate that having spent weeks, if not months in designing and creating delicate and often valuable items then safe and secure transport is critical.

In our 20+ year history LHT Logistics have become well known in specialising in transporting work for the exhibition and event industry.

Many cargoes that we are frequently called upon to handle are of a sensitive and in many case of a technical nature. This naturally heightens the value placed on the safe manoeuvring of these goods and the individual nature of the skill set required by our drivers to complete a delivery. They are always happy to work with you, and when required to lend a helping hand in loading and unloading.

We fully appreciate that a considerable amount of time and effort goes into organising an event and at LHT we believe in working very closely with you from day one to determine what you, the customer needs - so ensuring that your deadlines are met safely and on time.

So let LHT tailor a unique event package to suit all of your bespoke transport requirements.

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LHT - the right trucks
in the right places!

We are 20mins from M1 Jt21 and 5 mins M11 jct4. If your short on tacho time you can drop with us and return back to base in 1 day, leaving us to do the London runs. more»

LHT - the right trucks
Fortec and LHT -
working together

Our partnership in the Fortec Pallet Network ensures LHT Logistics can offer an overnight, next day and economy service to the UK and Ireland plus, an International service to mainland Europe. more»

LHT - the right trucks