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A major investment by LHT Logistics Ltd has reaped significant rewards in gaining a Silver Accreditation from FORS – the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme.

This higher level of industry recognition requires all vehicles within the fleet to be equipped with audible side sensors, nearside warning alerts and cameras on both front and rear aimed at minimising blind spots; all vitally important when operating on London's busy streets.

LHT's Managing Director, Ben Ruby stated "To remain at the forefront of delivering our client's goods within the M25 and other UK major cities we had to intensify our focus on both the safety and awareness of vulnerable road users and pedestrians. Along with the installation of the 'Brigade' safety equipment we have also heavily invested in compliance and extra driver training for safe urban driving."

FORS is governed by the Transport for London (TFL) and ensures that its members promote best practice as commercial vehicle operators.

"To broaden our appeal to both new and existing customers this enhanced status is critical as more and more businesses, especially construction sites, stipulate that only 'FORS Silver' compliant vehicles are allowed to deliver onto their sites." Ben highlighted.